Your Voice Counts

Your Voice Counts

in General September 17, 2018

AIMS Advocacy has been hosting a series of three ‘Your Voice Counts’ workshops as part of the North Ayrshire Wellbeing and Recovery College (N.A.W.A.R.C.).

 N.A.W.A.R.C. is a pilot project led by North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership that acts as a new opportunity for people affected by mental health problems to participate in a range of courses that focus on wellbeing and recovery. The project aims to provide safe spaces where people can improve their knowledge of mental health, learn self management techniques and receive and provide peer support.

The ‘Your Voice Counts’ sessions, led by philosophical enquiry facilitator Cillian Dwyer, have set out to use guided conversation as a tool for finding ways to get your point across. The group have explored a number of philosophical topics and discussed ways in which they can use structured conversation to put forward their ideas face-to-face, on the phone and in writing. You never know where the conversation may lead:

 "What does it mean to be good?"

"How much would you risk to change your head?"

 "Are you ‘still you’ if you have a different brain?"

There have been opportunities for group members to think about things in a different way, form their own opinions and listen to others, all within a fun and supportive environment.

 AIMS Advocacy would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the sessions, and look forward to holding further conversation-based workshops in the future!