Breaking Through the Wall

Breaking Through the Wall

in General October 18, 2018

On 26th September, AIMS Advocacy ran the first of a series of three ‘Advocacy as Art’ days. Each session will have it’s own theme, and starts with a guided conversation around this topic. The group are then invited to make artworks based on the direction of conversation.

This ‘advocacy as art day’ was based around the idea of Breaking Through The Wall. The group discussed a number of issues, speaking about the barriers of mental health and the routes to getting help. These issues were visualised by the participating group members as they worked together to build an immersive installation. The installation took the form of a large physical barrier, made up of components that each member felt acted as an obstacle for them to move forward. Black clouds, crowds of people and misdirecting signs were among many of the symbols that the group felt represented their experience of trying to get where they want to be.

However, the group also constructed a bridge, a pathway that led through the barriers. We started the session intending to break through the wall, but after further discussion we decided that sometimes you can’t take away the barriers, but you can find the small things, the tactics, that can help you traverse them.

The session proved to be a really great day with in depth discussions, creative activity and the building of self advocacy skills. We’re looking forward to the next two ‘advocacy as art’ days and seeing what the group will make next!