lockDOWN but not OUT

lockDOWN but not OUT

in General October 5, 2020

Just before lockdown, the creative advocacy group at AIMS Advocacy had started a new project. A collaboration between staff and people who use mental health services, the project brought together structured conversations, creative writing and visual arts to share experiences of mental health. Just as the ideas were starting to come together, the country was put into lockdown.

This period of isolation has been a challenging time for many people, and we have had to find different ways to stay connected. The group agreed that they would want to carry on with the creative project whilst socially distancing. Over a few months, creative postal packs were sent out every week to each of the group members. They contained a variety of ideas, activities and starting points for people to keep their creativity moving. Meeting regularly on Zoom, the group decided that they wanted to bring these works together and share with other people their experiences of COVID-19. This is when the idea for ‘lockDOWN but not OUT’ online magazine was born.

The magazine combines collage, poetry, video, photography, drawing, found objects, creative writing and much more. Each person involved in this project brought a different perspective and this created a broad picture of people’s experiences. Follow the link below to see the final result!


We hope you enjoy seeing our work, as much as we have enjoyed making it!