Our Principles

Regardless of what type of advocacy that is being provided the advocates will follow the following principles in what they do. The list below is a summary of the principles and standards adopted by the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance. The expanded version can be found on the SIAA website - www.siaa.org.uk.

Principle 1: Independent advocacy puts the people who use it first

  • Independent advocacy is directed by the needs, interests, views and wishes of the people who use it.
  • Independent advocacy helps people have control over their lives and be fully involved in decisions that affect them
  • Independent advocacy tries to make sure that peoples basic rights are protected
  • Independent advocacy values the people who use it and always treats people with respect and dignity

Principle 2: Independent advocacy is accountable

  • Independent advocacy is accountable to the people who use it
  • Independent advocacy is accountable under the law
  • Independent advocacy advocacy is effectively managed

Principle 3: Independent advocacy is as free as it can be from conflicts of interest

  • Independent advocacy cannot be controlled by a service provider
  • Independent advocacy and promoting independent advocacy are the only things that we do
  • Independent advocacy looks out for an minimises conflicts of interest

Principle 4: Independent advocacy is accessible

  • Independent advocacy reaches out to the widest possible range of people, regardless of ability or life circumstances


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